A mostrar mensagens de 2017

Noratlas na final :)

Ultimamente as publicações têm sido idas ao aeroporto também mas, não queria finalizar o ano sem uma última publicação, desejando a todos os que ainda passam por cá, umas boas entradas em 2018!
Esperemos que no início do ano lá meta uns registos dos 330's da TAP que estão previstos nos primeiros dias do ano e o habitual tópico com os destaques de 2017.

Bom ano a todos!

Niki cease operations...

Unfortunately (but, still as expected....) Niki Airlines annouced the ceasing  of its operations as from tomorrow, as stated in its webpage:

"Dear guests,

the flight operations of NIKI Luftfahrt GmbH under IATA-Airline-Code HG will cease as of December 14th.

Passengers who have booked their flight with a tour operator are kindly asked to contact their tour operator directly. The tour operator is responsible to accommodate his passengers.

Several Airlines are currently looking into solutions for bringing back passengers on standby-basis for a small fee from abroad destinations back to Germany, Austria and Switzerland. To our regret, TUIfly will not participate in this solution.

We would like to thank you for your long-standing loyalty.

Your NIKI-Team"
The best of lucks for all the employees....

Panning the Norwegian

Another 1/25 panning...
The departure of Norwegian B738 LN-NID, from runway 05.
Was expecting to get the arrival of the other Norwegian of the afternoon but due to a flaps problem, it diverted to Porto Santo...
Check AVHerald

Photo of the Week: Eurowings...finally

After more than one month flying to Madeira, Eurowings finally brought a plane with its own livery...

Swiftair em 2010

Hoje deixo um registo com 7 anos que ainda não tinha partilhado. Daquelas fotos que ficam no baú por não terem nada de particularmente especial, a não ser a curiosidade de, 7 anos depois, com muitas mudanças pelo meio, termos novamente a Swiftair a fazer os voos de carga por cá...agora com ATR-72

Jet2 Holidays

Back to October, to sunnier days...Jet2 Holidays G-JZHL finishing the push-back to runway 05 with Enter Air SP-ESA on the back.
Not my favorite kind of pics but still is nice to get a nice light shining on planes


For the second time at Madeira, I still hadn't any pics of this fantastic Brussels Airlines special livery, regarding one of the main surreal belgian artists: René, despite the dark weather made a quick "jump" to the airport for some pics....


Foto da Semana: 751

Nos últimos dias a Esquadra 751 da Força Aérea Portuguesa efectuou várias missões de Evacuação Médica, quer do Porto Santo, devido à Meteo no aeroporto da Madeira, quer em missões de resgate a navios nas nossas águas.
Infelizmente não nunca mais tive oportunidade de fazer umas fotos aos seus EH-101, pelo que fica um registo já de 2015 para foto da semana, em dia igualmente molhado, tal como também tem sido habitual por estes dias... :)

Belgian Falcon

Belgian bizjet OO-JUK, a Dassault Falcon 7X, ready for the night stop at Madeira, earlier this month

Photo of the Week: Sterling, 10 years ago

Today decided to share a 10 year old pic that, aparently I still hadn't processed...
Back then Sterling was still flying so I guess that this is really worth sharing...definitely not for its quality but for the memories....

Aigle Azur A319

Revendo fotos mais antigas, fica um registo já de 2015, de um A319 da Aigle Azur, descolando da 05, ao final da tarde.
Não admira que tenha ficado para trás...a estrela do dia foi o D-ABDU da Air Berlin...o Etihad...(ver AQUI)

Curiosamente, segundo o AirFleets, este aparelho foi armazenado o mês passado, com cerca de 21 anos...

British up and away...

Back to July, from the same day of Air Europa's 30th Aniversary livery (check HERE) a previously unpublished pic of British Airways A320 G-GATS departing to London Gatwick, from runway 23...

Foto da semana: 40 Anos do TP425

Com uma data tão importante a ser assinalada hoje, não podia deixar de dedicar-lhe a foto da semana.
Faz hoje 40 anos do acidente do CS-TBR "Sacadura Cabral" no Aeroporto da Madeira.
Um dos dias mais negros da aviação em Portugal ...

Fica o link para relatório oficial do acidente, AQUI

Como foto da semana, fica um registo do único 727 que tive oportunidade de fotografar na Madeira (apesar de vê-los aterrar todos os dias quando era miúdo), o XT-BFA do Governo do Burkina Faso, curiosamente um ex-TAP, o CS-TBY...


Um registo, já de Outubro (do dia da estreia da Novair e do 321 NEO na Madeira...ver AQUI)

Sem grandes anúncios, especulações, bandeiras eleitorais...este consórcio montou e executou a rota de carga aérea Lisboa-Madeira-Lisboa, utilizando aparelhos da Swiftair, já nossa conhecida, de outros projectos de voos de carga para a Madeira.


Back to August, Gulfstream V N85JM.
Taken on the same day we got WindRose for the first time. Check HERE

The Spirit of Manchester

Back from October, on a spotting seasson, together with some spotters from the mainland, a detail on Easyjet A320 G-EZRG, while taxiing to runway 05...

Photo of the Week: A318, the second

Last week got a nice present...the (as far as I can remember) second A318 we ever got at Madeira:
Austrian AvconJet OE-ICE, arriving early in the evening from Porto....


Yesterday we got a couple of nice birds, a Condor 767 and an also rare Privilege 757...Unfortanatelly didn't manage to photograph any of them....yeah...a guy has to work....

So...a couple of shots of a regular one...Easyjet, with a plane that I had never published before...still....something different... :P


Ontem foi dia de um "presente"...
Infelizmente a hora não era de todo a melhor para algumas fotos pelo que fui aproveitando algum do pouco tráfego anterior para treinar os pannings com baixa luminosidade....

Neste caso, o TAP com Sharklets (coisa rara para mim...) CS-TNT....
Quanto à estrela do dia....logo coloco algumas fotos...

Falha de motor....

...simulada ;)

Há já bastante tempo que não via o Piper do Aeroclube da Madeira a dia do C-130 da Royal Canadian Air Force (ver AQUI), andava a fazer um voos de treino que suponho estarem integrados num novo curso de PPA.
Fica um par de registos de uma das chegadas com falha de motor simulada....

Ghost of the airline past...

When you see an airline making the first flight ever to a new destination with a plane carrying the colors of another closed bankrupt airline , you can't help wondering if they have a Marketing Department....(a working one, at least.....)

What we tought it would be the first flight of a new airline around here, ended up beeing a well deserved farewell bath to a plane with Air Berlin colors :)

 Ending the bath...curious about the new airline around here? Well....if they didn't bother to celebrate it, I guess it's not worth mentioning....

Photo of the Week: Canadian Air Force

Finally, we got some interesting military traffic around here...A Royal Canadian Air Force C-130 made a technical stop here, on its way to Africa.
First time I got one of these...looks really nice on the all grey / low-vis livery.

Unfortunally, it made a really early landing...with that light would have been nice to get the touchdown...

German connections :)

Missing Air Berlin?  Well... around here it's still possible to see some airplanes with AB full livery or at least with some small memories on the german airline ;)

Enter Air panning

Back to the beggining of October, the first Enter Air pic I publish, from this year.
SP-ESA departing from runway 05.
A 1/25 panning at late afternoon...

Photo of the Week: Belgium Red Devils...

Finally, almost 7 months after Brussels Airlines premiere at Madeira, we got one of its A320 and more importante one of the most beautifull special liveries (personal opinion) they have on those planes....
The closing of Thomas Cook Belgium and integration of its operations into Brussels Airlines made possible the second weekly flight from Brussels to Madeira, operated by this airline.
Having a Saturday flight to our island carried trough by A319, they started a new weekly route from the Belgian capital, this time with an Airbus A320 and the start was in big :)
(opposite to the lack of view of some other "cheap" airline that also started flying to Madeira that day....)

Remembering Air Berlin

Air Berlin made its last flight yesterday...the farewell to an airline that I was used to see around here for many years and definitely one with an important role on Madeira Tourism.
Saw it with Boeing and with Airbus, with narrow-bodies and was one of the few airlines that, at some point had some regular wide-bodies fligths to Madeira...
Bye bye Air Berlin...and the best of luck for all your employees...

A few shots of Air Berlin at Madeira during my spotting sessons...maybe not my best shots nor the most important but tryed to go for a wide selections of types, colors and ocasions....
Check all Air Berlin pic's I've published on the blog, HERE