Niki cease operations...

A320 OE-LEU landing at Madeira's runway 23 last back in May 2016

Unfortunately (but, still as expected....) Niki Airlines annouced the ceasing  of its operations as from tomorrow, as stated in its webpage:

"Dear guests,

the flight operations of NIKI Luftfahrt GmbH under IATA-Airline-Code HG will cease as of December 14th.

Passengers who have booked their flight with a tour operator are kindly asked to contact their tour operator directly. The tour operator is responsible to accommodate his passengers.

Several Airlines are currently looking into solutions for bringing back passengers on standby-basis for a small fee from abroad destinations back to Germany, Austria and Switzerland. To our regret, TUIfly will not participate in this solution.

We would like to thank you for your long-standing loyalty.

Your NIKI-Team"

The best of lucks for all the employees....


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