Going around....

Last monday the wind was a bit tricky at Madeira airport.
With variable directions and sometimes with tail wind on both runways, some of the crews had a bit of a harder job to land.
During the afternoon, British Airways had already diverted to Porto Santo.

While waiting for Easyjet's G-EZOX, with 20th Aniversary special livery, we got ready to make some shots on A319 G-EZFM that was arriving from London Gatwick...but, already on short final to runway 05, it got some strong tail wind and made a go-around right in front of us, heading for FUSUL, for some holding before another atempt, on the other runway (23)...

on final to runway 05
starting to go around, low over runway 05
off it goes, to FUSUL...
entering apron after landing on the other runway (23) with it's special livery brother G-EZOX already on the ground, after landing also on runway 23, from Manchester.


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