New Photo of the Week: British Airways: The return of the Union Jack colors

Yesterday, we had the return of British Airways colors to Madeira, this time with the SpeedBird itself...
After a stop of a few years (When GB Airways, that carried these flights, was bought by Easyjet), yesterday we got to see British Airways colors again at Madeira, with a first flight from London-Gatwick.
A320 G-GATK about to enter the apron which was pretty colored with a variety of traffic
Welcoming bath from Madeira Airport Fire Dept.

Returning back to London-Gatwick, passing by Monarch A321 G-OZBZ that was redy for push-back, also for the return to Gatwick
It carried some passengers back to London but it was a really early take-off, with Ponta de S.Lourenço in the back

Curiously, at Funchal, was also P&O Cruise Ship "Britannia". Check HERE


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