Up in the back

Lately haven't been much in the mood to waste the camera's curtains with Transavia...after all, it's all the same and when they do have a special livery, they don't bother getting it here....

But, I guess this shot was one worth it...with Condor's B753 D-ABOJ taking off in the back from runway 23 to Leipzig while Transavia's PH-HSD  was finishing push-back to runway 05, for its return to Amsterdam.

First time I got Condor's new livery
Looks a lot better than I had expected from drawings or other pics...


  1. Rui, enganaste-te no texto, não é o D-ABON, é o D-ABOJ! ;) (ja me pregaste um susto pensando que a pintura do D-ABON se tinha ido! :p )


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