Orbest: The spanish Transavia France

Yesterday we got for the first time (as far as I know) an Orbest plane at Madeira.

It made a couple of flights to/from Porto, replacing the regular Transavia France fligth/plane.

After a first flight to Porto (arrived positioned from the Canary islands) at the end of the afternoon, it returned from that city already at night (after which departed positioned to the Canary islands)

Couldn't go to the afternoon flight but didn't want to miss it at night...

Sata's Q200 CS-TRB with Orbest's A320 landing on the back, on runway 05, arriving from Porto

Great looking engine...

No luggage there...still, nice lettering

EC-LRT tail also looking good

ready for push-back

and finally, the first full clean pic to the plane...
It was parked on Alpha 08 with a light pole and some stuff from Groud Force in front, so, while on the stand it wasn't possible a clean full body shot...
Pushing back before departing positioned back to the Canary islands


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