Memories: Remember DutchBird?

Some time ago, was browsing some pics and noticed that hadn't uploaded to Jetphotos any pic of DutchBird.
Took care of that and was accepted yesterday or so...

PH-DBA, DutchBird's B757 on short final to runway 05
DutchBird (IATA: 5D, ICAO: DBR, Call sign: Dutchbird) was a charter airline based in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. It operated charter services to the Mediterranean, Egypt, Tunisia and the Canary Islands for a number of holiday companies. Its main base was Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam. It ceased operations in December 2004.

The airline was established in 2000 and started operations on 22 November 2000 and began operations with a Boeing 757 aircraft leased from Condor Airlines.
In 2001, 2002 and 2003 DutchBird was awarded “The best Dutch charter airline”.

All flights were stopped in December 2004.

(Info from Wikipedia)


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