Boeing 757-300

Today, got acepted at a cockpit pic of a Boeing 757-300, from Condor (D-ABOE).

It was taken back in 2005 in a fantastic meeting I had with a Condor captain with whom I had exchanged some e-mails.

D-ABOE cockpit, LPMA, 2005
Anyway, realised that there aren't that many 753 flying these, decided to share a few pics I've taken on these birds...
Condor's / Thomas Cook D-ABOL on final to runway 05

D-ABON, with a fantastic special livery, landing on 05, back in 2005

...and D-ABON, once more, this year and already fitted with winglets...quite a lasting special livery
D-ABOK burning rubber in runway 05
D-ABOG, landing on runway 23

D-ABOM taking off from runway 23...


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