The AM3 C-295

Portuguese has usually two airships detached at AM3 - Porto Santo.
One is the EH-101, the other...the C-295

Due to some problems in the runway, on the edge that gives access to military apron (runway 18), the C-295 is beeing kept at the civil apron.

In one hand it makes it easier to photograph it, on the other hand, the location, near the net doesn't allow that much choice on the angles...

16702 early in the morning...
It's most comon mission, specially during summer seasson is the Medevacs to Madeira.
Porto Santo has an healt care center with ER and some healt cares but more serious stuff has to be send to Madeira...
During my stay there, there was at least a couple of Medevacs (at least one in the night) but I didn't got it flying until one day I was on top of Miradouro das Flores and noticed this sound....
The C-295 was making a low-level flight over the sea, bellow my position....fantastic view!!!

With the 300D+18-200 on my hand, runned to the back of the car, for the 1000D that had the 50-500 atached...
The pic's turnned out blurry and out of focus but the sight.....!!!!


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