New Photo of the Week - Jet2 757 Premiere

This winter season is beeing quite bad, in terms of traffic (variety and quantity) so, little things like a company bringing for the first time a Boeing 757 are allways points of interest :))

Jet2 has been flying to Madeira for some time but this was the first time they brought a 757 (the usual is the B733).
G-LSAH, the first Jet2 757 at Madeira, landing on runway 23

Vacating through taxiway Charlie

The return to Manchester was also through runway 23
 The take off was made under some security measures:
The current Portuguese President, arrived to Madeira, as a candidate to the next Presidential elections and we all had to back away, from the edge of the balcony...
Result: got a lot of plants, light poles and other stuff in front of the plane...(anyway, it still was better than beeing evacuated from the balcony....)

You can check a vídeo of the landing and take-off at AviationChannel-Madeira


  1. Um 757 é sempre um 757..
    E este não é um frigorífico...
    Bom ano para ti e para o P&S!



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