Mega Photo post - The C-295 implementation at AM3

This was definitely the AM3 - Porto Santo month.
In the beginning of the month (5th November) the C-295 replaced the Aviocar on the Detachments at Porto Santo and yesterday, it celebrated the Unit Day and the replacement of the Unit Commander.

Soon will be posting an article on the Unit day but, for now it's time to share the photos of the C-295 Implementation at AM3.

A few days ago published at Walkarounds and article on the Air Force Madeira Air Detachment, the C-212 and the C-295, you can check it HERE (or in the reports link, on the right).
Was waiting for this report to be published to release a full photo report on the event....

Lt-Col. Diná Azevedo, Sqn.502 Commander

Air Force Chief of Staff, Gen. Luís Araújo

Inside the C-212 

Into the C-295...

Passenger area

Medevac area

Raft launcher

Smoke signal launcher

The Madeira Air Detachment is also assured by an EH-101 from Sqn.751 (on this ocasion, the 19609 was on duty)

The first C-295 (16705) and the last C-212 (16505) of the DAM...

A farewell to that last Aviocar in duty at the Madeira Air Detachment...

A big thanks to the crews and Air Force staff that operated at Madeira with the Aviocar on these last 34 Years....


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