Sqn.552 Alouette flight Test

Like I already commented, these last days me and Jorge Abreu have been following the mounting of the Alouettes III of Portuguese Air Force Sqn.552.

You can check the reports I've made on that at Madeira Spotters page:

Yesterday, they made the first flight tests in 2 of the Alouettes.
I couldn't be there for the record but Jorge Abreu managed some neat shots on that.
Check his Web Album on that HERE

Today work kept going on the helicopters and by the end of the afternoon, they were ready to test another helicopter in flight.
When I got there, they were already preparing the helicopter for the flight, while on the back, the rest of the team was working on the last Al.III.

Took the old 300D (CF card) with a 18-200 lens and the 50-500 with the 1000D (...and no card at all....Thanks for lending the card, Jorge....)

Jorge have been talking for a while in LR, so today decided to give it a try....really nice! Gets things going a lot more easy....
Today, I'll only be posting the pics taken with the 1000D+50-1000. Later I'll get the other ones online....

Check All the photos of this day at my photobucket Album. Click HERE.

Meanwhile, some samples....

Once more, great to be with the guys of Sqn.552, thanks a lot for everything!


  1. Parabéns pelo excelente trabalho.
    Grande trabalho em prol da aviação.
    Cumprimentos, Rafael.

    PS: Tenho de colocar este comentário em Inglês?!? :)

  2. Obrigado Rafael,
    Os comentários até podiam ser em chinês, só que depois eu ficava sem saber se gostavam ou estavam a mardar-me àquele sítio...LOL


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