PAS2009 - Landing at Lisbon

One of the most amazing stuff of going to this year's edition of the Portugal Air Show was the fact that I made, for the first time ever, a landing on the cockpit.
The return flight was even more amazing with a full flight on the cockpit and night landing at LPMA's runway 05 with a fantastic crew.

Indeed amazing moments! Many thanks to those that made this possible!
(and good for that because the Air Show was quite a disappointment...)

Anyway, on the FNC-LIS flight got into the cockpit a few moments before we start our descent. The weather was quite cloudy and with little visibility and light rain over Lisbon.

The runway in use, was the unusual 21 which provided a little more flight time and a few more curves... (no complains on that LOL)


  1. Gosto da assinatura!
    E a do touch-down onde ta?! :)

  2. Not bad for a first photo session on the cockpit :P

  3. A do touchdown...pois..aproveitei estas, já não está nada mau... :))

  4. Que "ganda" sortudo.
    Já tentei por cá nos ATP e "népia".
    Isto pelas fotos do painel deve ser o 320 ou 321?

  5. Que Linda Foto aquela dele a virar!!
    parabéns companheiro!
    Gonçalo Vieira


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