quarta-feira, 27 de fevereiro de 2019

The ATR corner...

The corner of the ATR-72's of the house :)
It's not allways the same registrations but that area is usually reserved for the daily ATR's that fly at Madeira
Swiftair EC-KAD and Binter EC-KGJ

Swiftair uses the ATR-72 (various registrations) for the daily cargo flight LIS-FNC-LIS
This is the usual spot for the morning, before returning to Lisbon

The spot for the Binter ATR-72 that connects Madeira to Porto Santo.
The airline regularly changes the plane for this route, using the flights to the Canary islands to change crew and planes.
This plane (EC-KGJ) is baptized after Madeira island and the cerimony took plane here, back in 2009.
Check the pics HERE

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