segunda-feira, 29 de janeiro de 2018

New Photo of the Week: TinTin at Madeira

Yesterday, Brussels Airlines brought us another of its special liveries.
We got, for the first time, OO-SNB "Rackham" with the TinTin special livery and with the extra of beeing flown by a really nice captain :)

The forecast was becoming a bit harsh (today is even worst) and some of the planes only managed to land on the second atempt, which also happened to this one as the ATC informed that the winds were out of limits during the first approach.

A320 OO-SNB on final to runway 05

Taxi to the apron with the newest Madeira Airport Follow Me eletric Renault Zoe

Quite a colorful apron...

After the landing we paid the captain a visit with a great welcoming on behalf the crew, despite all the work on preparing the next leg of the flight, to the Canary islands, before returning to Brussels

getting ready to depart

departure from runway 05, with a little bit of sun shining on Rackham...

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  1. Hello,

    Could we use the pictures with your credit on our web site ? Gwen is a colleague of ours, she was the captain!