quarta-feira, 7 de março de 2012

German traffic increasing...

Germany is one of the most important touristic markets to Madeira.
Lately the traffic from this country has been growing and this Tuesday that became a little more noticeable with the increase of Germania flights, adding another one (from Munich) to the already existing 3.

Besides that there's also 4 Tuifly's and a couple of Air Berlins (from Germany and another, from Zurich).

Also an hightlight to the return of Niki, with a flight from Vienna (made with an A320, let's hope we can see this airline's ERJ-190 again...)

Anyway, most of these flights were in the morning while I was at work...(maybe next week...)
Still a good ocasion to share a previously unreleased pic of a Germania B737 (the only one I got until now...)

G-AGET landing on runway 05
and a few more Germans (and a French) from last Thursday...

D-ABOA, the second B753 of that day.
The week before Condor started bringing a couple of these planes and that would be really great, except all the Madeira Spotters are dying to get the airline's retro A320 D-AICA....

D-ABKT, on final to 05

Air Méditerranée's A321, that returned recently to Madeira (F-GYAJ)

Another A321, D-ALSB, a former LTU plane...

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  1. Olá! Todas excelentes fotos ... a pintura da AirBerlin com a marca abaixo do avião ficou um espetáculo! Abraço Rui!

    1. Obrigado Gabriel.
      Esta pintura da AB está bem engraçada!
      (Mas, bem que podiam voltar a trazer o A330, especialmente à quinta-feira, que trazem 2 aviões, practicamente à mesma hora e do mesmo sítio...)