quarta-feira, 17 de março de 2010

New Photo of the Week - Aigle Azur

It was more than time for a New Photo of the Week.
This one was hard to decide.
Received back my Bigma last week from the shop and, since then, went a few times to the airport.
Didn't get any really stunning photo but the quality of the shots is definitely better and got back to some shots that would be impossible to do at 200mm with the 18-200 I was using.

Anyway, decided on this one. Despite it's not my favorite kind of photos, I really like the colors and contrast of the shot, helped by the sky on the back getting dark and the bright of Aigle Azur's colors and redish Air Berlin tails with the new livery which looks great and quite better than the old one.
Also, a long time since last shot Aigle Azur....and if you look closely that green engine is from a very unusual visitor around here: White (CS-TDI), that brought Benfica, to play with C.D.Nacional....

2 comentários:

  1. Pois devido a hora que o azur vem para a madeira,
    não da muito jeito ir lá ver...
    Boa foto gostei das cores;))

  2. A pintura do Air Berlin é muito gira, gosto bastante.