quinta-feira, 7 de janeiro de 2010


The previous post about the Do.328 reminded me of another plane that looks rather similar to the Dornier.
It was a plane I wanted to photograph or even just see live for a long time.
This Summer, had the oportunity to see and photograph 2 of them at once...the Jumbolino (Bae146)
The photo was taken trough the terminal window at distance with a small Ixus, so no quality winning prizes, but it's well worth for the entry on the colection.

Curiously the one in front is from Brussels Airlines, and for that, this post has to be dedicated to Capt. João Vidal that seated on the left seat of those planes in that airline for quite a few years.
It was also in one of those planes that he completed the 20.000 flight hours...quite a mark!

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