sábado, 2 de maio de 2009

27.Apr.09 - Axis by Neos and others

On this morning, the highlights were the two Axis flights and the Viking. Still this wasn't yet the day that we had Axis new livery around here. Instead I got surprised with a NEOS making the second Axis flight.
Also, another point of interest was the Viking that have been bringing diferent registrations on every week since it restarted flying to Madeira.

This Thomson had the "fly.com" from the titles gone (begining of the change to Thomson Airways?)

Weather didn't help, as it was too unstable with areas with sun and others with no sun...I don't know about really skilled photographers but, for me its gets real hard for getting good results with that kind of changes...specially because when photographing a plane coming real fast on final you don't get much time for changing settings...

I guess the second shot of this Thomson was the best of the day for me. It turned out really sharp and clear with the sun on the right place and the heat from the jetblast give a really nice effect on the down back of the plane.

Last pic of the day, for me. The arrival of Capt. J.Costa

2 comentários:

  1. Tens aí uma coisa fantástica, muita variedade...
    Espero que um dia, tenha outras "cores", para fotografar cá, lol

  2. Hehe!
    Acaba por nem variar assim tanto.
    Se bem que, curiosamente, este Verão parece estar a ser melhor que o Inverno (por cá normalmente é o contrário)