100 Years of KLM

KLM colors at Madeira (PH-HZM, on service with Transavia but still with KLM colors was, in August 2006, the only time I saw the dutch airline colors around here)

KLM Celebrates today its 100 aniversary, becaming the first airline to operate under the original name for more than 100 years. Congratulations!

Originaly tough to be named as Dutch Airlines, it received by the Queen the Honor to carry the name "Royal" (Koninklijke), so becaming Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij (Royal Company of Aviation)...well...let's just stick to the KLM :) :)

In Portugal,, the KLM is part of one of World War II little misteries:
When the Nederland was invaded by the germans, some of the KLM planes outside the country went to England and the Dutch Goverment in exile / British authorities decided to put them to use (and its crews) with BOAC.

In June, 1st 1943, the flight KLM/BOAC 777 departed from Lisbon to Withchurch (near Bristol) but never managed to reach its destiny...was shot down by German Ju-88's over the Bay of Biscay.
On board, was the then famous actor Leslie Howard which still today remains the origin of many theories...usually unharmed, why was this civil flight shot down?
Some say it was because Leslie Howard's agent looked just about the same as Winston Churchil with his "strong" body and smoking cigars, some say, Leslie was an allied agent that had been collecting info in Portugal and Spain on the cover of some conferences...anyway..I guess we'll never know...

Happy Birthday KLM!

AMS, 2017


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