Photo of the Week: USAF....oh...wait...Braathens :)

Yesterday, the guys at Lajes (Terceira, Azores) got the Air Force One, with President Obama on its way to the south America.

I remembered getting around here an USAF C-40 with a livery somehow similar to the Air Force One back in 2007 so, decided it was going to be the Photo of the Week but then looked at all the little treasures that I had photographed that day (all now gone), including a Braathen's B737 that I still hadn't processed and Photo of the Week goes for the Braathens...
USAF C-40 50730

Another gone pearl...XL Airways (UK) still with the old livery and with a Canadian registration with "Operated by Sunwing" sticker - C-FTAE

Photo of the Week: Braathens B737-700 LN-TUI...another gone airline..

And, yet another golden catch (despite the quality...)
A Finnair B752 OH-LBO


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