Transaero back for the Summer

A couple of weeks ago, we had the return of Transaero summer flights, from Moscow-Vnukovo.
It's quite a long flight to be made in B738....

EI-EDZ landing on runway 05

 Arriving to the stand, with a colorfull apron
A Monarch A321, Jetairfly's OO-JLO and Transavia France F-GZHN
 The return flight started with one of the longer take-off runs I ever seen (probaby the longer...) ...
With some tail wind and fully loaded (at least with fuel) for the long flight back to Moscow-Vnukovo, the rotate was iniciated after the old runway 24 treshold....

Seeing the Ponta de S.Lourenço in the back, like that is usual in runway 23 landings, definitely not in runway 05 take-offs....


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