Week Photo: Air Berlin's A330 on the double

A couple of weeks ago we had Air Berlin's A330 on the double.
If getting an Air Berlin A330 has been very unusual lately, getting 2 is almost a miracle...
They came to take back the passengers that they had brough 2 weeks earlier.

D-ABXA landing on 05 with the One World titles

Touchdown with the apron in the back with a few smaller birds...how many small birds can you get into an A330? :)

A330 on the double, with D-ALPA pushing back for the departure from runway 05

Roate from D-ALPA with the top beacon on (this time, the cherry was on top...lol)

rotate for the departure of D-ABXA

and take off....really nice to see one of these birds passing on take-off power right in front of you!


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