Volotea: A premiere on the double

Today Volotea made its first flight to Madeira (charter from Nantes).
It was a double premiere as besides beeing the first time we have Volotea here, it's also the first time we have a Boeing 717.

Wasn't expecting to get to the airport in time for its arrival but still managed to do it just as it was taxiing to the stand.
EI-EXJ, looks rather nice with that "picnic towel" livery in the back (at least it's diferent...)
Also very nice to have a change from the usual Airbus/Boeing models that we have around

The plane was received with a salute from the water canons of the firefighters trucks.
Too back the plane was parked far away, in backlit, still an interesting effect with the shining water "cutting" the dark plane....
Holding off runway 05 for the departure flight, back to Nantes (positioned)
Holding with OO-TCS from Thomas Cook Belgium arriving from Brussels


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    1. É um esquema diferente dos habituais. Por acaso gostei bastante (além do facto de ser bem diferente dos Airbus/Boeing...)


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