Best of 2013

The first highlight of the year was EC-LRT, an A320 from Orbest, making a Transavia flight, it was the first time we had Orbest around here. Check HERE

In February had the oportunity for a visit to Portuguese Air Force detachment of Squadron 751, which operates the EH-101 Merlin helicopter at AM3, at Porto Santo in order to make some pics for an article published by "Revista Cruzeiros" (Cruiseship Magazine) regarding the rescues made from cruiseships.
Check HERE

March's military highlight was the Portuguese Air Force C-130, operated by Squadron 501 with the special markings of the fleet's 70501 flight hours. Check HERE

In April we had at Madeira the first A320 with sharklets.
It was OE-LER from Niki (Air Berlin). Check HERE

April was also the month for getting Thomas Cook Belgium new logojet, advertising Gra-Canaria (A320 OO-TCI). Check HERE

In May, finally, after years of wait, Austrian brought its plane with the retro livery (OE-LBP).
On that day, also got, for the first time, a Small Planet.
Check HERE

Also in May, got for the first time Travel Service's special livery "Prague loves you". It was special on the double as they brought the logojet B737 in the morning and the other "Prague loves you" Airbus logojet in the afternoon. Check HERE
OK-TVX taking off from runway 23
On June, we had the first Embraer ERJ-190 from Air Europa around here. It was a very nice catch as I love the ERJ-190 look and that airline livery looks really nice.
Check HERE

The first day of summer brought us rain...and also a new TCW Logojet (Air Flair, on OO-TCJ)
Check HERE

July was the time for another special livery, by Travel Service.
OK-TVL carrying a Moravian Silesian Region livery. Check HERE

In July, also got, for the first time, Smartwings new colors, with look rather nice.
Check HERE
OK-TVW on final to runway 23
What better place to advertise Disney's new plane than in a plane itself? ;)
Luxair's LX-LGU looked nice with the movie stickers. More HERE

It was the first Luxair of the year for me and also the first time I got LX-LGU
In August, during the vacations managed to make my first pics of EMA's Kamov 32 (and an extra, with also some shots of INEM's Agusta A-109, operated by INAER). Fantastic!
Check more on that HERE

According to latest news, the Goverment already approved the shut down of EMA that operated these helicopters for the Goverment and God knows (?) what will happen to these helicopters (I said God because, I'm pretty sure that those guys in the Goverment don't....)
While out, on vacations, arrived what was, for many, the traffic of the year: Burkina Faso's Goverment B727 XT-BFA.
Fortunatelly it stayed for a few days at Madeira and I was back to the island in time to get its departure.
More on that HERE

Despite beeing on duty with SATA since May, September was the month I made the first inflight shots of SATA's latest plane, CS-TKP.
Check HERE
Unfortuantelly, looks like SATA is selling the plane.
Together with the retirement from the Madeira-Porto Santo-Madeira route, the airline should close its base here, despite maintaining the Q400 flights from Ponta Delgada - Madeira - Las Palmas - Madeira -Ponta Delgada (and Faro, in the summer)
October was the month when I got, for the first time, Aigle Azur's new colors.
It was with F-HBIB (was also the day I made my last Lufthansa pic's at Madeira, before their retirement from the Madeira flights...
Check HERE

Yet in October we had the beggining of SAS flights from Oslo.
It's been quite a few years since we had SAS around here and even then the last flights were made with A319, so it was great news to see the airline's B737 back to Madeira.
It was great news on the double, to get LN-RCY with Disney Planes special livery. Check HERE

Also in October finnally caught the first Easyjet with sharklets (G-EZWN). It wasn't an Easy catch with lots of delays and problems with the flight but, managed to get its departure from Madeira.
More on that HERE

October was the time for another expected premiere: Finnair brought, for the first time its A321 from Helsinki. It was also the first time we had an A321 with sharklets at Madeira and also the first time Finnair brought a plane with its most recent livery. 3 premiers in a row ;)
Check more on that HERE
OH-LZG departing back to Helsinki, from runway 05
Looks like Easyjet isn't very fond of sending its special liveries aircraft to Madeira, still, in October, we had, by surprise one of the A319 with UNICEF's special livery: G-EZIO:
Check more on that HERE

In November had the oportunity to get (finally) OO-TCH, from Thomas Cook Belgium with the ICE Watch special livery. Check HERE

By the end of the year, in December, 17th, we had another premiere, the new portuguese charter airline Windavia with Smartlynx A320 YL-LCL operated for White, which is the certified airline under which Windavia operates...
Plane and passengers were received with water canon salutes and flowers
Check more on that HERE

The last highlight of the year was provided by Aerovip.
As from January 2014, the flights between Madeira and Porto Santo are beeing carried through by Aerovip, replacing Sata and its Q200.
They're using a Dornier 228, one of my favorite litle passenger planes, which is back into Madeira after many years.
The plane beeing used arrived at Madeira on December, 30th.
Check HERE
CS-TGG first landing at Madeira with Aerovip colors.


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