Week Photo: Windavia Premiere at Madeira

Windavia is the new Portuguese charter "airline".
I guess it's a good example of Globalization...it's operating under White Airways air operator certificate and its first airplane is a Smartlynx Airbus A320 (YL-LCL).

Yesterday they made its first flight to Madeira, a flight with french tour operators/agents in order to advertise the Madeira destiny and the GPS Tour operation to our island.

According to the info that's beeing released by the company, it will have up to 6 A320 and operational bases at Madeira, Lisbon and Paris and has already quite a number of flights booked for charter operations to several destinations.

Landed on runway 23, arriving from Paris

the fire department trucks waiting for the welcome bath at the entry of the stand.


nice effects from the water

the passengers were received with a warm smile and Madeira flowers
On the back the water from the firetrucks salute makes a nice lake effect :)

The first plane was named after Aristides Sousa Mendes, a portuguese consul  that helped saving tousands of jewish refugees during WWII
49% of the company is held by an unknown investor and one of the charter destinations is said to be Israel...

Say cheese! (what's the french word for that?)

The Smarlynx crew enjoying some moments of sun and relaxing before heading for some place for a rest, before the return flight, in the afternoon.


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