Week Photo: Finnair: 3 Premiers in a row

Today was finally the day I was expecting for some time: Finnair brought something new and it was 3 times new... :)
They made their first flight with the Airbus A321 which was also the first A321 with sharklets at Madeira and also the first time we had their new livery around here.

On final to runway 05, arriving from Helsinki, Vantaa (HEL/EGHK)
Not taken from the exact location I wanted but it turned out ok, also.

On the back, another bird I usualy don't photograph, despit beeing (in my opinion) one of the best looking liveries around : Edelweiss
More on this later (where the most interesting ended up beeing the passengers and not the plane itself...)

Pushing back to runway 05, for a positioned departure, back to Helsinki


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