Lufthansa regular flights Premiere

More than 40 years after the first Lufthansa plane landed at Madeira, we had their premiere in the regular passenger flights, at Madeira.

After a Lufthansa Boeing 727 had the honor of beeing the first jet landing at Madeira, back in 1966 (testing the type, for Boeing and TAP, at Madeira, in order to check its viability at this airport) we had yesterday the airline's first passenger flight.

Arriving from Berlin, Tegel Airport (TXL/EDDT), it landed in runway 23.
An A319 was expected but ended up beeing A320 (D-AIZF)...

Taxiing to the apron, through taxiway Charlie, with the fire truck already waiting at the stand entry, for the welcome bath

Welcome Lufthansa!!

A premiere on the premiere...It was the first welcome bath made by the newest Madeira Airport fire truck , an Oshkosh Striker 3000
The Lufthansa flight arrived with 132 passengers that were received by Madeira Aiport with flowers and Madeira Wine

Taxiing back to runway 23 for the departure flight, back to Berlin.
Around 20 passengers on board a another famous Madeira Spotter, on the back... ;)

A really nice take off....

See you next week!


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