Primera Air by Air Via

I hadn't get any Primera Air since they restarted flying to Madeira.
They usually bring the B737 OY-PSA which I already have and usually they come on a time that nothing else (of interest) is arriving or leaving...

Anyway, today, the scenario was a bit diferent...the flight from Oslo was beeing made by an A320 from another airline and one that still hadn't been here: Air Avia, from Bulgary!
A big thanks to A.M., for the info.

Runway 23 was in use so, no rush to get the arrival. Just went for the departure...

When I got there, it was still getting ready to the return flight.
Ground Force handling...with the buy of GF, it's a good idea to also record those colors, who knows what changes will be made...

Taxiing to runway 23 with D-ABBE, from Air Berlin, arriving in the back

Despite the dark weather, runway take-off's allways provide a great background!


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