Megapost: The Return of Germania!

Germania was one of those airlines that I allways thought it would be nice to have again in Madeira.
The last time they were here must have been around 2002 and I have no memory at all of their planes around here...

Well, today was the day and they made a full strengh return, with 3 flights: 1 in the morming, in 737, from Friedrichshafen, a couple of other flights after lunch, with Airbus A319, from Bremen and Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden.

Didn't go to the morning flight...

After lunch, with runway 23 in use, the first one to arrive was D-AHIL, from Bremen (ST 3726) and couldn't help finding funny the care of the ATC, instructing the Germania captain to keep the cockpit windows closed, after

"Bath" was on its way, provided by Madeira Airport Fire Department....

On disembark, the passengers received a small souvenir from Madeira Airport (ANAM), flowers for the ladies and a little bottle of Madeira Wine for the gentlemen

On this winter season, Tuesdays are more than ever a German day at Madeira, with 3 Germania flights, 4 from Tuifly and a least a couple of flights from Air Berlin (D-ABKU pushing back to runway 23)

With the arrival of the second Germania A319 (third flight of the day) it almost seemed like Germania owned the apron...
(D-AHIM, arriving behind D-AHIL, from Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden (ST2204) 
 The crew of the D-AHIL seemed very nice....

A big thumbs up for them!

The departure of D-AHIL, taxiing in the back to runway 23 (took off really early...)

and the departure of D-AHIM with nice background of the mountains provided by runway 23 take-offs in the morning / early afternoon.


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