Thomson at Porto Santo

This year Porto Santo had one of the most  (if not the most) interesting summers of all times, regarding air traffic.
Travel groups discovered that nice and relaxing island and many (considering the usual traffic) charters were schedulled for the summer.

Unfortunatelly, regarding the spotting, that brought me very little new stuff as almost all the flights were made by airlines that also come to Madeira: Thomson Airways, Transavia France, Jetairfly and Travel Service (this last one usually with a registration that doesn't come to Madeira) and the nationals Sata and TAP (also PGA, that allowed me to get a night shot of the ERJ-145....) and White.

Even though had already pics of those airlines, didn't have any pic of the foreign ones at Porto Santo so, tryed to get one flight of each...
One of the firsts was Thomson Airways with a B757 from London - Gatwick (LGW / EGKK)

G-OOBA landing on runway 36

Vila Baleira on the back

Those winglets look rather nice on this angle...


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