A year ago....PoAF Celebrations 2010

Last week PoAF celebrated its 59th Aniversary.
You can check the event website here (or check the link on the right column)

Anyway, last year, celebrations were carried throught at Madeira.
It was definitely one hell of a week!!

I've been posting many pics thought the time but, many more are still one the "closet"...
(Check PoAF 2010 celebrations pics here)
Probably the best time in those days was the time spent with Squadron 552 and the Rotores de Portugal, great guys! ;)

So, here's a few more pics that, as far as I can remember haven't published here yet....

Formation flight with another AL.III at Porto Santo
Set the camera settings and gave it to OPS Óscar Gomes for a few shots through the open door as I was with reall fasten seatbelts....(it would be a big fall throught the EH-101 wide open doors....lol)

Low level on runway 36 before the landing on military apron...
Big thumbs up for "Trinitá" for the very nice flight...
At the time, "Trinitá" was the Rotores de Portugal number 2


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