Ukraine International Airlines Premiere at Madeira

Today we had an unexpected (for me) premiere at Madeira.
If it weren't the other spotters calling my attention for this, I wouldn't even knew they were coming.
(The good think about not beeing many... we can allways sms to each others for this stuff and allways warn each other)

Anyway, Ukraine International Airlines (or as P.O. would write...Международные Авиалинии Украины) was schedulled to arrive from Kiev on a bad time, in the beggining of the evening...
Luckily, it got to our island just a little bit earlier than that.
The light wasn't that good but, at least there was some light....

The circuit was made on a unusual and short way...with the last rays of sun  on the 737 while on final to runway 05

over the runway, there wasn't any sun already....ISO400 and trying a balance of speed/aperture....

UR-PSD smoking it's landing, but a very nice landing, considering the kind of approach it made...

For the take-off we went to the terminal balcony but the weather was quickly deteriorating from the east....

When it was preparing the push-back, I tryed like hell to get the beacons.
with all the little rain and moist in the air, it should make a nice did...on the only pic where I managed to get the beacons on..... 


  1. Gostei da pintura desse avião!
    Boas fotos, como é habitual!

  2. Tão porreiras. Fica para a semana!
    Gostei do pormenor do texto escrito em russo. Imitando o Olim? Hehehehe

  3. ;) Acabámos tendo sorte, pois não estava assim tão escuro como isso...
    O cirílico foi na sequência de umas piadas que eu e o RM estivemos a mandar ao Olim acerca disso... ;)


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