New Photo of the Week - D Day

Once again, was still unsure of what pic I'de choose for this week's photo but, this afernoon, while talking to my colleague about the curiosity of beeing 06/06, realised that it was the aniversary of "D DAY" and instantly remembered this fantastic C-47 at Le Bourget that I had photographed back in 2005, bearing the colors of an American C-47 during that operation, with the white and black stripes...

Decided that it would make a nice pick for this Week's photo...(and gave it a litle bit of a processing to make it more on the spirit of D-Day.... ;) )

42-100558 at the Air Museum of Le Bourget.
 Preserved at the Musée de l'Air since 1970, but in 2004 it was repainted in these fake colours. It now represents USAAF 42-100558 'Buzz Buggy', but it is in fact ex FAF 92449, F-BEFB, USAAF 42-92449.


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