New Photo of the Week - White Jet2

This morning, went for runway 05's head, just by the expressway, for some diferent shots.
Just as I was starting to walk to the place, noticed a plane turnning into final, the radio was off so had no idea what it was...started running and almost on the last second turned around to shoot some pics...

At first looks had not idea what it was and crossed my mind that it was an unexpected wasn't it...

Was better... a white Jet2 with full red titles...nice! (not very fond on white planes but in this case, it was a really nice catch...)

G-CGET in short final to 05

Look Mom! one wheel only....LOL
Lucky shot, on the right second...probably not many airport where you could shoot this kind of pics....

Lining up on runway 05

Departing to Leeds

Definitely the traffic of the day for me, not only for the diferent livery but also because it was the plane on which most shots turned out really nice (in my opinion....)


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