New Photo of the Week - Thomsonland and little more...

The break in the amount of traffic is more and more visible every day and on mondays it specially visible on the Thomson traffic.
Nevertheless, Mondays at Madeira are still ruled by Thomson that turns LPMA into an authentic Thomsonland during some times of the day (late morning and lunch...)
G-BYAL and G-OOBC on the stands, G-OOBP taxiing in holding and G-OOBD landing on 23
 Last Monday, João Melim, a spotter from Porto Santo, was at LPMA so I went to the airport for little more than an hour.
The Thomson traffic was a lot more visible than the previous monday I'd been there, probably due to the Thomson cruise ship on Funchal port.
G-BYAL livery looking even older again shinning new painting of G-OOBP (that came into service with Thomson in May, 2010: former HB-ISH, from Belair)

The arrival of G-OOBD

Departure of G-OOBP, from runway 23

and finally an big change from the blues to full red of Sterling (OY-MRF)

Thomas Cook and Thomas Cook Scandinavia are also monday morning usuals but, Thomsons are like the "emplastro"...a well known portuguese guy that keeps apearing behind every guy that's beeing filmed, so it can appear in TV...LOL


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