US Coast Guard 2005 at Madeira

Like I promissed on the last post, Here are some pics of a really great day, were we had at Madeira a couple of C-130J from US Coast Guard a a KC-10 Stratotanker, from US Air Force.
Definitely a unique day at Madeira...

The Coast Guard C-130 were here to to a personel replacing on one if its ships that was scaling Funchal.
As far as I can remember, it was the only time I saw C-130 around here that weren't from PoAF.
They were also the first C-130J I saw live, on a time that there was much talking about the possible purchase of this model, to the PoAF...
For now, I'll just share the pics of one of the C-130's...the 2005...and Wow, they look great on the Coast Guard livery!!!

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