TAAG's B777 incident at Lisbon

Today, a TAAG B777 had some kind of incident on the departure from Lisbon to Luanda.
You can check more info at AVHerald
(Edited Dec.13th - Added Link for the info on the incident from the Portuguese Investigation Beaurau:

Regarding this incident, it's yet too soon for causes and pointing fingers but I must admit that looking at its records, it's one airline I probably won't be flying....

Anyway, I do find their livery very nice, specially on their B777...
Still never managed to get a really nice pic of it.
Last vacations, during my scales in Lisbon, got to see their 777 but only managed to take pics through the terminal windows or through my plane's windows, during taxi...

I guess that this one should be one of the best pics taken at the time...
Didn't get the registration, so, don't really know if it's the one that had today's incident.... (D2-TEF)


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