New Photo of the Week - Spotting a Lisbon Tram....

This week, for the first time (I think....) the Photo of the Week won't be about planes.

Was looking at some vacation pics and found this one.
Looked like the right pic to play around a little bit in Photoshop.

Usually I don't give much post-processing to the pics I take.
Some leveling, sharp and sometimes a little bit of color correction, before rezising for the web
In my opinion, for my kind of Aircraft Spotting photography if the pic needs too much work in PS then it's a crappy one and I don't use it, unless it's something really special or rare.

The other reason to choose this pic was to call the attention to other kinds of spotting.
Last week, a national newspaper published a small article on the spotters and the planes that were coming to the Lisbon NATO summit...
Looks like it's common to think that only the guys that photograph planes are spotters...

Well, there are all kind of spotting, planes, ships, trains, etc...and you don't really need a camera to be a spotter, you just need your eyes...
The notepad, the filming camera or the photography camera are just acessories to other kinds of spotting...
Sometimes when you're photographing something its really easy to get so focused on the pics that you really forget to enjoy the thing that you went to spot.

Note to myself and everyone else:
However you do your spotting or whatever you spot, just enjoy it.....


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