New Photo of the Week - Livingston

Looks like Livingston is another airline passing an hard moment.
Let's hope it can still maintain it's doors open....

Livingston has one of the most interesting liveries I've ever had the oportunity to photograph.
Only managed to spot it once, back in 2008, at Porto Santo.
That year, they were making the Italian flights to that Island (now beeing made by boring blue Neos...)

Caught it in the early morning in the first of its 2 flights, arriving from Verona (after which it would depart to Milan, back to Porto Santo and return to Verona).

A fantastic balcony for the spotting practise at Porto Santo. Too bad there traffic is almost non-existent...
(Actually I guess that most of the traffic they receive is during winter, with diverted planes from Madeira, due weather conditions....)

Departing to Milan

The afternoon flight, back from Milan and preparing to return to Verona...


  1. Este não é, definitivamente, um frigorífico alado!...
    Boas chapas e, sobretudo, raras!
    Não falhas!


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