A fantastic Transavia Crew

This morning went for some spotting with the intention of getting the Bulgaria Air new livery and the Air Berlin's A330...
Well after all, the stars of the day were this fantastic pilots crew from Transavia!

Was in front of the Transavia taking some shots to PH-HZO, while they were waiting for the push-back clearance when I noticed that the pilots were interested in me....

Quit friendly, both the Captain....
and the F/O
They were really amused inside the cockpit and after a moment noticed them again....
(LOL...would be hard not to notice....hehe!!!)

After some side to side compliments and me asking for a take-off on the right spot all with gestures, the push-back clearance finally arrived...

A final wave from the F/O before they taxi to runway 23...

and a take-off right on the spot, as asked...LOL!! Tks a lot guys! 

 Love these pics with the dark sky on the back and the sun hiting right on the plane....

Hope you had a great trip back to AMS....and expect to see you around soon! 


  1. Thats me!!

    Thanx for the fantastic pics!

    1. Yep, that's you allright. what was your name again?

  2. and...hey man that's me!
    Great to find your webpage, great photostory and fantastic pics!
    I just knew we would find the pics on the internet soon.
    I'll be in touch with you soon begging for the originals...
    Thanks again for the great pics...it sure was a great day in FNC...

  3. Hi Roger!
    Great to ear from you!

    Sure, drop me an email and I'll send you the originals!

  4. Isto é que é spotting no seu melhor e a interacção com a tripulação no seu melhor!!!

    Parabéns Rui! Abraço
    Marco "Blackbird"!


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