New Photo of the Week - G.91

Back home from vacations, it's time to get this blog moving again.

Wasn't a spotting vacation but the spirit is allways there and whenever you have an oportunity....

Had just arrived at the south shore of the Tagus river, in Montijo so decided to find the Air Base number 6 nearby and see at least its main enttrance.
When I got there, this amazing plane was there...
This is one of my favorite jets from the Portuguese Air Force and the only other time I had the oportunity to photograph it was in Viseu, at the local airfield (this one looks a lot better.....)

Went into the Air Force Police building and asked for permission to take the pics...
At first they weren't willing to give the permission but after explaining that I was from Madeira and only passing by, the PA got the phone, made a call and said it was ok for me to take the photos....

They even let me go to the top of another small building to get what they said it would be a great angle.
It was indeed a great angle, unfortunately the light wasn't the best for it....

Thanks a lot!


  1. No Pássaro de Ferro há um post ( muitas fotos dos Gina...
    Era de facto um magnífico avião!
    Bem-vindo de novo ao "calhau"!
    Até Breve.

  2. Esse "novo" ângulo é espectacular! Valeu a pena a passagem pelo Montijo. Mas para a próxima avisa que vens fazer um tour pelo Continente...


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