A couple of Islanders

This plane has been coming here for a while, sometimes to make some aerial photography on the island, some times on ferry flights to/from the Azores.
A big thumbs up for the pilots ;)

Knowing the pilots, I had the extra motivation to shoot some pics for them...
This time he was doing a ferry flight from Cascais (LPCS) to Lajes (LPLA), via Madeira (LPMA) and Santa Maria (LPAZ).

The day before got some crappy pics of their arrival from Cascais so, on this day went on time to the airport to get their departure to Santa Maria.

After all, they used the good weather for a local flight, before departing to Santa Maria, to shoot some aerial pics that were still missing on the island, due to clouds on previous flights.
Taking off, for the aerial shooting flight....

Returning for refueling and preparing the fligth to the Azores...

Preparing the flight to the Azores....

Departing to the first leg of the trip:
Madeira-Santa Maria

See you soon...


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