Bisontes at Madeira

Last Friday went to the airport in the afternoon, expecting to get some more military traffic.
The 16703 had already been there that day but I didn't got it. Anyway was still expecting to get a C-130...

After an hour waiting, Herky45 contacted Madeira Approach for the landing in 05....
The first time I get the 04, the one with the mission patches near the front door.

Far on the distance, noticed that they were unloading among the other cargo, the tail of an Al.III...

Moved to another location for some shots of preparation for the return flight....
Engines on...
And then, as I runned back to the car to move to the final location for the take-off, realised that I really need some exercice...when I got to the car, my heart was trying to get out of my chest.... :P
Taxiing to runway 05, though "Charlie"
They took-off later than I had expected but, still managed to make some shots...ISO400 for some extra speed at long distance and dark weather....


  1. Execelente essa ultima do C-130, quanto a questão dos allouetes no Estoril, já lhe respondi lá no meu blog, chegaram 3 mas só actuaram dois!


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