New Photo of the Week - Under the Berlin

Last Saturday gave a ride to someone to the airport and decided that was going to wait for the Aigle Azur.
When I got there, noticed that the afternoon Air Berlins (3) hadn't departed yet and the best was that 2 of them had new livery.
Most of the times I see Air Berlins, they're "wearing" old (and ugly) colors...
The other good news was that runway 23 was in use. It allways (almost always...) provide some great background for the afternoon take-offs.

The reasons to choose this pic in particular for Photo of the Week?
Well, first of all it's the last good pic I took with my Bigma....and looks like it will remain so for a while...I was having some ocasional problems with the lens but after this shot, looks like the only solution will be the repair shop...(... hope it is a solution and not a very expensive one...)

Anyway looking at the bright's the first time I got an Air Berlin with new livery from this position and caught the letering under the fuselage and with that sky and light...really great (in my opinion...) and definitely compensates the lack of a more interesting background due to the very early take-off...


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