New Photo of the Week - Sdq.501 C130 - Porto Santo 2009

It's been quite a while since I last looked at the pics I took this year at Porto Santo, during summer vacations.
So, this Week's Photo is dedicated to Sqr.501 C-130 during that time.
They were around more than usual due to the visit of the Kings of Spain to our archipelago.
The most used was 16801 but 16805 also showed up once...

This Week's photo was taken early in the morning. I woke and went to Pico Castelo. The silence and light at that time (around 8 am) was really nice and it was relaxing to be there just by myself.
They were getting ready to fly to Madeira, in support of the visit of the Kings of Spain. The Kings and the Portuguese President were at Madeira and were coming to lunch at Porto Santo.

Also on the main apron, it was the Porto Santo based C-212. It usually stayed on the military apron...
It's now a little bit of past history, as C-212 already left the PoAF detachment at Porto Santo and probably  won't return.
For a plane with such an history and meaning here looks like it had quite a discrete departure and "retirement"...

A few days earlier we had 16805. Landed on 36 and went to the military apron.

The 16801, ready for the night

Arriving from Madeira, on the day of the visit of the Kings of Spain (and the Portuguese President)....

Didn't get the take-off. Went there to shot the departure of the Spanish A310 but didn't wait for the departure of the 16801....went to the beach...LOL


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