Metal in the Air

Just sitting in front of the Discovery Turbo as it starts another episode of "Metal in the Air", presented by Bruce Dickinson, lead singer of the Iron Maiden and also an Astreus captain... :)

It's a rather interesting program and its presentation makes it everything but dull.

Anyway, when I was younger, Iron Maiden was one of my favorite bands, although I was more interested in Steve Harris bass playing than Dickinson's singing...

Don't really know what my fav, song was but today, I'll share this one...
(looking at this it doesn't really seem like a trustfull captain to fly with...hehe!!)


  1. Como também já deves ter percebido, para além da paixão pelos aviões, temos também a paixão pela "Dama de Ferro"!...
    Up the Irons!

  2. Pois, já tinha reparado no "The Evil that Men Do" no teu blog. Uma excelente musica! ;)


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