sábado, 19 de maio de 2018

Factory Airbus tests

This week we had a factory Airbus A321NEO doing some tests at Madeira airport, with some TAP pilots (and factory), according to some media...
Don't really know if they were testing the plane for TAP or the winds for the aeronautical authorities for the famous winds study at Madeira Airport...

Anyway, despite I'm not specially proud of the results, it's a great catch for the personal record...

After arriving from Beja, it refueled and then departed for quite a few (15?) touch&go's before proceeding back to Toulouse...when I got back to Funchal it was still making T&G's

Going around due to windshear

Pushing back after refueling...allways nice to see those big engines of the NEO


Pratt&Whitney engines...


one of the landings, with the beacon...

a bit of wind for the touchdown....

2 comentários:

  1. Nesse dia, cheguei a casa a tempo de o ver passar aqui em frente umas quantas vezes. Ainda arrisquei umas fotos mas as ondas de calor transformam-nas em distorções quase artísticas e impublicáveis.
    Ficam para minha reserva e memória futura.

  2. Assisti a 2 ou 3 aterragens mas realmente não estava a conseguir grande coisa...nao ficam na memória das boas fotos de certeza...valem pelo momento