quarta-feira, 15 de abril de 2015

Transavia new livery, finally

After many days watching the traffic to check if I would be lucky enough to get the Transavia new livery, I finally got it last Saturday, a day I wasn't even remembering them....nice that another spotter tiped me on this....Thanks for the heads-up!

Anyway, after seeing it live, my first impressions remain...it's an awfull livery...but, anyway...got it...
Transavia France F-GZHC landing on runway 05...
Side pics, check!
Now I must try to photograph it under the fuselage...it's the most colorful part of the plane... :)

Taxiing back to runway 05, while passing by Easyjet's A320 G-EZWI, already with skarlets fitted.

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