quinta-feira, 30 de agosto de 2012

Panning the Antonov and the TAP

Yesterday we had, for the first time in long time, an Antonov 26 cargo plane.
(The only other time I can remember we had one of these around here was back in 2005, check HERE)

Schedulled to 20:00h (8 p.m.) it got delayed about 30 minutes, making us loose the good light...
And then, like if it wasn't enough late, it misunderstood the ATC indications and instead of making a straight in entry to the runway 05 circuit it went to the VOR, delaying even more and delaying also a couple of other planes on aproach to the VOR...

Anyway, with very litle light, I had to rise the ISO to 400 (800 would be too grainy in my camera) and make a  panning of 1/64...

The next one to land was TAP's A320 CS-TNJ, here also with a panning of 1/40 (and ISO400)
Overview of LPMA after the arrival of the number 2 and 3 traffic, in approach , a couple of A320 from TAP and SATA

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